Our Services

education Program Day Session 

This is the main service provided by All About Autism.

Session 1: Pre-Prep

Session 2: Prep - Year 2

Session 3: Year 3 & 4

Classes are small group (4 children maximum) and provides individualised intensive support. All About Autism works closely with your child's school or educational setting to support cognitive, social and emotional learning. 

What can sessions include?
  • Academic focus - reading, writing, spelling, comprehension maths
  • Cognitive focus - flexible thinking, working memory, self-control
  • Social & emotional focus - taking turns, sharing, play skills, emotional understanding and regulation
  • Functional approach to challenging behaviour
  • Support development of skills children with ASD often find challenging:
    • Making transitions
    • Tolerating changes in routines
    • Generating new ways to approach problems
    • Negotiating and compromising
    • Accepting different viewpoints

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Limited availability

Private TUition

Limited sessions are available to support your child in any focus area.


Shadowing and support sessions aim to foster links with educational settings, providing recommendations or strategies to better support the student throughout the day, and help to provide an autism friendly classroom.

home based SUPPORT

For support in the home such as managing challenging behaviours.

Professional Development

Available for Kindergarten, day care settings and schools to develop an understanding of ASD. Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your setting.